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execute your plan

Execute your sale

There is a lot of chatter in the IT community about exit strategies, M&A, and business valuations involving earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization — and they’re important discussions. Selling, transferring, or closing your business is a very personal decision. It is the business equivalent of sending your grown […]

pricing for profit

Pricing for Profit–Part 2

When we last left Alice, she was finally on a road that would take her somewhere she wanted to be – the land of profits and clamoring buyers. Now that you know your desired profit and what that means for sales it’s time to determine how to price your services […]

keep the goal in mind

Begin with the End in Mind

In Part One of my blog series – Preparing your MSP for Sale, I mention the importance of showing profits for at least three years prior to selling. It is very difficult to sell a business without profits. Business buyers are interested in businesses that will make them money, not […]

preparing to sell

Preparing your MSP for Sale

I spoke to a client recently who asked me to look at his company financials and answer some questions. The MSP has a specialty niche in healthcare IT. We reviewed the financial statements together and I offered some tips. The owner is in his mid-50s and not looking to retire […]