Due Diligence: Synergies

Performing a thorough due diligence on a potential acquisition is one of the most important tasks that a buyer needs to do when making a purchase decision. We’ve put together a list of items that buyers will want to investigate when talking to a seller.

This is part of a large series. Be sure to scan our Buyers Blog for the category Due Diligence.

The next step in the Corporate Overview portion of your Due Diligence is Synergies. The purpose of this section is to determine any Synergies that your might accrue as a result of this acquisition.

C. Synergies

– Itemize the synergies that will be created by the acquisition

– Split synergies list into two sections:

o Identifiable cost reductions

o Possible revenue increases

– How well do the services, personnel and geographic locations fit together?


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