How it Works

What we do for Sellers

  • We list and market your business for sale. We help you determine a reasonable asking price for your business using our quick valuation formula. This may include selling your customers, active contracts, equipment, and furniture. It is your business, and you will ultimately make the final decisions.
  • Your fee for listing is $500. Your listing does not expire until you withdraw from the market or sell your business.
  • We provide you with initial forms and worksheets to help you value your business for sale and provide information that buyers are typically going want to review.

Your paid listing entitles you to complete privacy and anonymity while you go through the process of selling your company.  Your data is secure with us! You will be in charge of sharing your data with the potential buyer.

Additional optional services: 

  • We can connect you with competent accounting professionals who can help you for additional fees. 
  • Under separate contract, we optionally provide guidance to ensure your accounting and tax records are prepared for due diligence. 
  • We do not offer services for preparing your accounting system for sales.
  • If your business is not yet ready for sale business operations consulting services are also available

What we do for Buyers

We provide you with a place to let sellers know that you’re looking for them! Businesses will self-select and contact you directly. We will also provide a standard NDA which you can choose to use to get the conversation started. We will also add you to our marketing program and let sellers know that you’re interested in talking to them. 

How it works

  1. Register for an account
  2. Create a listing and make the payment
  3. We will approve your listing
  4. We will send you documents for you to prepare that you will later share with interested buyers
  5. Have buyers sign your NDA
  6. Negotiate and Sell!

Legal Advice and Representation

  • We are not business brokers. We do not represent either party in the transaction.
  • We are not attorneys. We offer no legal advice on any matter at any time. If you wish to have an attorney represent you in this important business matter, we strongly recommend it.

Our Privacy Policy

Our customers’ information is private. We will not release confidential information including names, addresses, lines of business, and proprietary information without your express written permission. We will not sell your name, email, mailing address, or company name to any list for any reason.