What’s the difference between a listing service and a business broker?

There are two big distinctions between a listing service like SellMyMSP and business broker. Sure both are here to help you sell your business but how they go about it and what it costs you are very different.

A broker will represent your business for a substantial fee, usually 10% of the sale price. This may or may not include some legal services. The broker will market your business, “broker” the deal, then take the cut. The seller pays 100% of the fees. So if your business sells for $400,000 your fee would be $40,000. Hey it’s only 10% right?

A listing service, like SellMyMSP will represent your business for a fixed fee. Our fee is $4,000 and it is paid half by the buyer and half by the seller when the transaction is made. The listing service will list your business and use their resources to market your listing to their contacts. A set of forms will be provided and you will negotiate the sale of your business. Additional services to help prepare your business for sale are provided on a fee basis.

About SellMyMSP

SellMyMSP is a listing services for MSP and IT firms who desire to sell their business. Amy Babinchak and Rayanne Buchianico together offer their experience and extensive contacts to successfully market and connect you with potential buyers.