Who are we?

Rayanne Buchianico and Amy Babinchak are co-owners of SellMyMSP. They have brought together their expertise in the MSP/IT industry as participants, as buyers and as sellers to create this listing service for the industry they love.

Rayanne Buchianico has over 25 years of accounting and tax experience. She specializes in working with IT Professionals in the US and abroad to improve business and financial management systems. She works with various accounting systems and helps MSPs create financial reports tailored to their business to provide the most valuable profitability and company valuation reports. As an accounting professional, she has worked with many companies in mergers and acquisitions. She will help you find the right listing price for your business. She will also help you determine if the company you are interested in buying is appropriately priced for your future plans. In addition to this, she actively pursues the business market in our customers’ markets. When you list your business with Sell My MSP, Rayanne will interview you for details about your business and will contact other MSPs in your business market to find a match for you.

 Amy Babinchak is an IT person, a business owner, speaker, writer, sailor, fisher, skier and more.  She owns three businesses in the IT field the other two of which are an MSP and Third Tier which provides technical assistance to MSPs. She’s received numerous awards over the years including Microsoft MVP, Microsoft partner of the year, MSP Mentor Top 100, Channel Pro Visionary, Best of Michigan, etc. She also serves on the CompTia Executive Council for Women in IT, Storagecraft Partner Advisory Board, Equus Partner Advisory Board and others. With 18 years of MSP ownership behind her and having made 4 purchases over that time, Amy knows how to help MSP’s market themselves and she knows a lot of MSPs. She has worked with other MSPs to improve profits and organization so they can further succeed. When your business is listed part of Amy’s role is to make sure that the word gets out to potential buyers or sellers.